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The Green eBook Shop
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

About Us

The Green eBook Shop is an environmentally friendly ebooks vendor. What's different about us is that we specialize in the production of public domain libraries for your ebook device. Instead of buying ebooks individually, which can be quite costly, why not buy your ebooks in a pre-packaged bundle? We offer ebook libraries from 100 books to tens of thousands spanning a variety of genres. We are a new business, having opened our doors one year ago. But our expertise and technological know-how in the area of ebooks and ebook readers is unsurpassed. We have already sold hundreds or our ebook libraries.

The Green eBook Shop brings environmentally sound business practices to the ebook business. Our website is powered by 100% wind energy. When you buy from the Green eBook Shop know that you are buying from an eco-friendly vendor. Learn how you can become a green-conscious consumer.